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Why Choose Us

Reason #1


VisionOne offer the longest guarantee on all workmanship in the auto industry.
Our competitors offer somewhere between
a 6 month and 12 month warranty on their workmanship. We offer 2 years. Why? Because our workmanship is of the highest possible standard. We want you to be seriously looked after as our valued customer.

3 reasons why VisionOne rates* as number one car mechanic on Sydney’s north shore.

Reason #2

VisionOne mechanical workshop is the longest standing in the Hornsby Shire. We have been here since the 1940’s. How relevant is this? Very. Consider job warranty and guarantees. How useful is a job warranty if your mechanic is not here

next month?

Reason #3

VisionOne uses only high quality parts and oils. Within our industry there are brands and there are brands. Take a walk through our workshop (something that our customers do daily).

Look around. You’ll see brands like Gates, Fuchs, ToughDog, NGK Spark Plugs, KYB shock absorbers.

And what about the oil that goes into your vehicle?

There are mechanical workshops that use the cheaper oils. At VisionOne we use Fuchs Premium Quality oils. Fuch’s Oil is German engineered and renowned as being amongst the best.

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